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Agentów Współpracy


Hurtowy Cennik

Ta wiadomość jest dla Ciebie – matek, ojców, autokary, biznesmen. Dla nas nie ma znaczenia, kim jesteś, sprawa jest fakt, że chcesz rozwijać RG z nami. Tak nasza firma postanowił rozpocząć nowe firmy reprezentowania przez "agentów" wszystkie na świecie.

1)      Agent is an official representative of GF in his region. We, GF, will provide all the required tools and goods from our side: Full catalogue of leotards in PDF, fabrics samples, and the sample leotard (fully paid by agent). Also, we will officially announce you on all of our resources (web-store, facebook page etc.) But still, we will hold the right to accept orders from the region of work, and we will hold the right to recruit more agents in the region if one doesn’t cover the whole region, because of its size.

2)      Agent’s responsibility is to collect orders, assist on taking measurements and brand promotion. All the measurement inaccuracies or incorrect translating fully depend on the Agent. If such issues appear, re-making and all the shipping expenses lay on the agent. To make the measurements taking process easy and fast, we will teach agents via Skype. Brand promotion should be both online and offline. If the Agent does have a website, there should be ad, links, news or blog and, of course, separate page for GF goods. If the Agent doesn’t have a website, the promotion should be done through his/her Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc. Also we require to make a presentations to local RG clubs and represent GF on competitions in the Agent’s region, or country (if it’s possible) as event seller, or as personal advertisement to coaches. 

3)      If GF team wants to attend event/competition personally, Agents should provide any possible assistance, from finding a hotel/hostel (or staying at your place) to face to face communication with coaches.

4)      Agent works with 100% pre-payment for each order he or she makes.

5)      From the orders with total amount below 1000 USD, the Agent receives 7% commission. Minimal amount of the orders per month is 1. Order amount calculates from the orders made at once (or calculated at the same PayPal invoice)

6)      From the orders with total amount above 1000 USD, the Agent receives 20% commission. Minimal amount of orders per month is 1. In high season minimal amount of leotards orders is 3. Order amount calculates from the orders made at once (or calculated at the same PayPal invoice)

7)      Delivery and its type fully depend on the Agent. If it’s EMS or DHL or Russian post, than we work with 100% pre-payment. Any other types can be discussed optionally.

8)      Timeline for producing and developing leotard TO THE AGENT (not to the customer):

1) individual orders 21 days, 2) group orders – 30 days, if the delivery type is DHL (individual till 3 similar pieces, group from 3 similar pieces). In the highest season (October-March) there will be a limit on orders, which is discussed personally too.

9)      During the summer, we expect our agents to order covers for apparatus, or apparatus, or training wear and leotards in advance. Advantage of it will be a higher commission rates, or free leotard to the new season for the daughters (if it’s more interesting than higher commission rates). Or, one more suggestion, you will get a free leotard for sale! The selling plan for summer will be discussed in advance.

10)   GF may require a selling of in-stock leotards, which will have higher commission rates.

That’s our scheme of agent work, we hope it will be a great benefit for both sides, and the biggest benefit will get RG girls in your region. Thank you.



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